Rub a Dub Dub There's a Cat In The Tub | Why Cats Love Bathrooms

Jeffrey, Sitting in the bathtub

Jeffrey, Sitting in the bathtub

Why do cats love bathrooms? I feel like this is a question most of us cat moms ask ourselves every day. Maybe your cat likes to nap in the sink, or rub on your legs while you’re sitting down, maybe your cat wants nothing more than to lick fresh water out of the tap. For me, it’s like every time I walk into the bathroom one of the cats is just sitting in the bathtub staring at me. This may not necessarily be a nuisance to you, your cat may not be causing trouble but we still ask, Why? so here are a few reasons this might be happening.

Closed Doors

If your bathroom doors are often kept closed, and then you go in there and close the door behind you, this will definitely pique your cats' interest. What’s in there? Why can’t I be in there? These are the questions that are most likely driving your cat crazy! So next time you head for the bathroom and your furry friend darts out in front of you to get in, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to miss out on all the secret fun!


Let’s face it you’re not going anywhere, at least for a few minutes and your cat has learned to know that. This is the perfect time for them to take advantage of that and rub all over your legs to get your attention, besides without the distractions of the outside world, you, your cat, and I all know you are going to pet that cute cat.


Believe it or not, our cats actually take comfort in our routine.  There’s a good chance you probably give your cat attention when they come to visit you in the bathroom, or maybe a part of your morning routine is to feed them after your shower. I know my ginger tabby Jeff looks forward to his morning head scratches when he comes to visit me in the shower.


Even though cats are not exactly known for their love of all things wet, the flowing water of the tub or sink faucet can be very intriguing to them compared to the stale stagnant bowl of water collecting dust on the floor. A lot of cats also enjoy licking residual water from the bath, shower, sink, or even their owners' legs!


With cold tile floors, and smelly wet towels bathrooms may not sound like the most comfortable place in the house, but to your cat most likely prefers sleeping in there over that expensive bed your ordered them that they never use. Sinks are basically the perfect cat bed, it’s the perfect shape to cuddle up in, they have access to fresh tap water without having to lift a paw. Believe it or not, sinks are great for regulating a cats body temperature, keeping them comfortable all year round! Wet bath mats and towels are great for the same reason and as strange as it sounds, they also love it because smells like their favourite human, smells are enhanced greatly in bathroom conditions, equaling to the perfect cat nap spot!

What is your cats favourite thing about the bathroom? Tell us in the comments!