Our Favourite Natural Flea & Tick Products

Warmer weather is here, higher temperatures bring fun outdoor adventures for our cats, unfortunately, it also brings fleas and ticks. These pesky little parasites run rapid in North America leaving our cats at risk. While I’m sure we’ve all had “the talk” from our vets for this time of year regarding preventive methods to keep our felines safe, the products they often prescribe are most always chemical insecticides. These insecticides are the only sure fire way to kill fleas and ticks but they are not always the safest option. With plenty of all natural alternative remedies exploding into the market, majorly market towards our canine friends, how are you supposed to know what is the safest and effective for your cats?  Well, we have done the testing and here we have put together a list of our favourite all natural, cat-safe flea and tick products for summer 2019.

NaturVet - Brewers Yeast With Garlic

Brewers yeast naturally contains high amounts of B vitamins, when metabolized by your cat it creates an odour undetected by human noses that fleas, ticks, and other blood-sucking insects can’t tolerate, making an unwelcoming and unpleasant territory for them. The same vitamin complex is also responsible for providing your cat with healthy skin and a glossy coat! Garlic seems like it is always under scrutiny for its potential toxicity. In large quantities yes garlic can be toxic for cats,  but it small doses garlic can actually aid in the elimination and prevention of parasites, supports a healthy digestive system as well as cardiovascular health! This supplement you will mostly find in a pill form, because of the yeasty flavour, most cats think these are just a tasty treat! (Shh don’t tell Jeff & Ozzy)

Baie Run - Diatomaceous Earth

Dia-what? Diatomaceous Earth or “DE'“ is a naturally occurring powder made up of fossilized aquatic microorganisms called diatoms. The most common use of DE with pets is using it topically throughout the cat's fur to kill fleas, ticks and other pesky insects.  When the DE comes in contact with the exoskeleton of an insect, it’s microscopic, sharp, abrasive surface damages the exoskeleton turning the insects' innards into “bug jerky” or my personal favourite term “bug sushi”! DE can also be sprinkled on beds, cat trees, litter boxes and other surfaces to eliminate fleas and other insects indoors.

NaturPet - Fleeze

Fleeze is a topical product specifically made for cats, and it only contains 3 ingredients! It is mainly compromised of diatomaceous earth. Neem and Yarrow powder. Neem is known most widely for its insect repelling powers, it also contains antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties! Yarrow powder, on the other hand, is added for its soothing properties to help calm the skin in case of an insect bite. Fleeze is lick-safe and is best used sprinkled throughout your cat's fur, and bedding to prevent and kill insects!

Tip: Sprinkle Fleeze into your cats' litter box to help neutralize odours this summer!

Do you use a flea/tick preventative on your cat? Tell us why or why not

Disclosure: I am not a vet, prescribed insecticides, despite their risks will be the only foolproof way to prevent and kill fleas and ticks on your cat.